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25 juni 2022

Who Are We


We believe that The Send will be a catalyst for young people from all over Europe. We see a wave of young people going deeper and taking the Gospel to their neighbourhoods, their schools/universities and to the ends of the earth. We believe that The Send will mean a lot for Sweden and hope to see many Swedes there. We are happy to be able to offer bus trips to Oslo.

The bus leaves at night on 25/6 from Stockholm (Bus 1) and Jönköping (Bus 2). We arrive at Telenor Arena in Oslo at 09:30. The event starts at 10:00 and ends at 22.00. The buses depart back at 23:00 from Telenor Arena and arrive at the respective locations in the morning of 26/6. The buses run directly without any longer stops (only a few short stops where boarding and disembarking takes place). Toilet is on the bus. No food is included in the price. Bring your own lunch bag for the trip. There is food to buy during the day at the arena. For questions email

Practical info

Bus 2

Departure from Kungsbron at 02:00 with boarding in Västerås (location coming soon) at 03:30 and in Örebro (location) at 04:30, arrival at Telenor Arena, Oslo at 9.30

Bus 1

Departure from Jönköping at 03:00 with boarding in Borås (location) at 04:10, in Gothenburg (location) at 05:00 and in Ljungskile (location) at 06:00, arrival at Telenor Arena, Oslo at 9.30

25 juni 2022

Bus and The Send ticket

// 1200 SEK //

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