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Foto: Gustafsson, Leif Reimond / Owner: Jönköpings läns museum.

YWAM Småland

YWAM Småland works out of a longing to see Sweden’s mission calling revived! Historically, Småland has played a big role in the wave of missionaries that flooded out into the world to reach those who had never heard the gospel.  We want to see that happen again in this century. 

Focussing on mobilisation, we love to teach about, and inspire for missions in churches, youth groups and at conferences. Equipping is also an integral part of sending people into the field. That’s why we run mini-seminars as well as full length DTS’s, which not only share the truth and goodness of God with participants, but give an opportunity to share this good news with people who do not know Jesus yet.

So if you want to discover more about the Swedish countryside and reaching the Unreached we’d love to hear from you.




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