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Discipleship Training School

Missionaries has taken the good news about Jesus to many places and people around the globe. Now there is a new time for missions and God calls on new young missionaries and from countries, we may not be used to. Missions are also being done in new ways, but always with the same goal, to see the expansion of the Kingdom of God.


God has a place for you in His great mission. It's time for you to discover it!

DTS (discipleship training school) is a six months long program in a dynamic environment where young Christians gather to seek a deepened relationship with God. Through practical teaching in a living community, you will discover the identity that God has given you and be equipped to give your part of God's solutions to the needs of this world.


12 weeks of teaching
Teachers and students from the whole world
Build fellowship in prayer and worship


8-12 weeks of exciting outreach
Meeting peoples needs
Walk in faith together

Choose a DTS:

Pioneering DTS
Pioneering DTS
YWAM Linköping
September 9 - February 11
Momentum DTS
Momentum DTS
YWAM Småland
October 14 - April 7
101 Spark DTS
101 Spark DTS
YWAM Restenäs
September 10 - February 26
Urban Ministry DTS
Urban Ministry DTS
YWAM Stockholm

Our locations

YWAM operates in a variety of locations around Sweden.

Find the right location to help get you equipped for missions.

YWAM Restenäs
Located on the beautiful Swedish West Coast is one of the largest properties owned by the mission globally. Since the start in 1979 thousands of young people have been trained in our programs and we have become known as a springboard to the nations.
YWAM Linköping
YWAM-Linköping is an inner city campus with a great sense of family. We have since the start 2008 been discipling people from all over the world into a deeper relationship with God and to embrace His heart for the world.
YWAM Stockholm
YWAM has been present in Stockholm in different shapes since the early 1990’s. Our focus has always been to reach out and impact this city with the principles of the Kingdom of God.
YWAM Småland

YWAM Småland works out of a longing to see Sweden’s mission calling revived! Historically, Småland has played a big role in the wave of missionaries that flooded out into the world to reach those who had never heard the gospel.  We want to see that happen again in this century.

YWAM Dalarna
YWAM Dalarna has been based in Borlänge since 2010 and works together with many churches in southern Dalarna with teaching, worship and seminars. We also offer Mission Adventures, an exciting mission trip for church youth groups.
YWAM Borås

YWAM Borås is a ministry location focused on loving our neighbours. As neighbours we have people from 50 different nations around the world. We love hosting short term teams and to make garden parties, raising the joy level in the area.


Further studies

YWAM courses, often called “schools,” combine theory with practical application. They usually last between three and nine months. For many YWAM students, the intensive learning combined with community living makes for a transformational experience. After your DTS there are hundreds of courses to choose from within our university. These courses will equip you and give you a biblical foundation for the areas of your interest or future occupation. Below our next three courses that are offered at a variety of our different locations. Click on one to learn more!



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